Us ?

The story of a growing familiy.

Since 2004 we are settled in Ampangorina on Nosy Komba island in the northwestern part of Madagascar. We decided to make it home after having travelled in the Indian Ocean since 1998 (Mayotte, Mauritius and La Réunion).

Pionners of the sea wildlife watching in the area, 14 years ago, the team has grown to a professional one with the same love for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Safari Baleine

it is :

guides specialized


experienced skippers

A sustainable company, involved in environment protection.

Safari Baleines is a family business which organizes tours in small groups (10 people at most) to avoid disturbance of animals in their natural environment. Instructions will be given for a respectful behavior while encoutering the animals, to enjoy a most peaceful and unforgettable interaction between man and animals.

We are involved in animals protection in the area as we participated to the writing of the « code of conduct » regarding whale-sharks. We are part of Mada Mega Fauna for the protection of the wildlife in the Mozambic channel.

Since 2018, we shelter the volunteering program of The Madagascar Whale Shark Project. With our help international volunteers collect data about whale-sharks to understand and protect the species.

In 2020, we started a no plastic commitment, by suppressing all plastic bottles from our safari and excursions. You will have the pleasure to drink the delicious spring filtered water from Nosy Komba !

Taking part to actions for our island, and more ....

For each clients, Safari Baleine donates 1,5€ for the NGO Akiba, for sustainable development in Nosy Komba. By going on tour with us, you will help them continue their programms about schooling, biological farming and trees planting. qui promeut le développement durable sur l'île de Nosy Komba.

We organize the Ranomasy Festival and often propose documentary screening to help everyone better understand and protect their direct environment.

Finally, we sponsorize the Maki Run, Nosy Komba trail since the beginning. This solidarity race helps developing sport and sustainable tourism on our island.



Fanja Andrianarisoa

« Mother baby whale » is an accomplished swimmer, she will help you track whales and shark whales.


Anthony Poiron

Certified CMAS* diving instructor, a guide and skipper. You will be in good hands.



Part of the Safari Baleine team since 2016, Asmina is the kindness embodied. With her sharp look and her constant good mood, she will allow to you live an experience of complete communion with nature.



Last recruit, trained for 3 years as a guide and excellent swimmer, Nahema will share her energy and enthusiasm for unforgettable experiences.



1 of 8m - engine 200 ch - 14 people.
1 of 7m15 - engine 140 ch - 12 people.


Snorkeling equipment suitable for all.


Cameras for underwater photography.