Stay at Nosy Mitsio

" Safari Baleine takes you to an excursion into the wild in the Mitsio archipelago located 60km south of Nosy Komba. "

This trip is a Safari Baleine exclusivity for wide marine landscape lovers and off-the-tracks trips amateurs. It is a tailor-made excursion organized to discover the islands of the archipelago on foot, by boat and by snorkeling.

Program :

Our safaris is led by a english speaking guide specialized in animals watching, and an experienced skipper.

Day 1
8h00 Departure from the Safari Baleine office or your hotel.
8h30-12h00 Search for dolphins, humpback whales and whale-sharks (depending on the season).
12h00 Arrival at Grand Mitsio installation in the bungalows.
13h00 Lunch by the sea.
14h30-16h30 Walk around base camp, visit of the traditionnal village and viewpoint.
18h00 Aperitif at sunset- Diner
Day 2
07h30 Breakfast.
08h30-12h00 Departure for Nosy Ankarea, search for dolphins, humpback whales and whale sharks (depending on the season), snorkeling and discovery of the local flora with its differents kind of baobab.
12h30 Lunch.
14h00-17h00 Return to Grand Mitsio and walk on the island, visit of the sacred bat tree and beach.
18h00 Aperitif at sunset.
19h00 Diner.
Day 3
8h00 Breakfast.
8h30-12h00 Free time.
12h00 Lunch by the sea.
13h00 Departure from Grand Mitsio.
14h00-15h00 Snorkeling around Tsarabanjina island.
17h00 Return to the Safari Baleine office or your hotel.

Species you could see :

Baleines à bosse

Humpback whale

from august to october, we have the chance to witness the magnificent parades of the humpbacks which came to breed and give birth to their calve in the warm water of the bay.

Requin baleine

Whale sharks

from October to December, juvenile whale sharks come to feed at the surface... a chance to swim with the biggest fish of the world.



In the water of the bay lives the second biggest marine turtle... the green turtle. You will assurely see some swimming in the blue or feeding at the bottom.



at large in group of several animals, our ashore in small families, you will surely have the chance to come across humpback, spinner or bottlenose dolphins.



leopard shark, white tipped shark, grey shark... the closeness of the reef and the deep blue, gives the opportunity of wonderful surprises.

  • Price :

  • 350 / People *
    • -20% for children under 12 years old.
    • Transportation, search and observation of animals
    • Parc fee.
    • Accommodation in a private bungalow by the water.
    • Meal and spring water filtered.
    • Snorkeling equipment.
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